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COREALIS 4th plenary meeting took place on 16th to 18th of October in Valencia, Spain, hosted by Fundación Valenciaport. COREALIS partners presented the overall status of the COREALIS project for the first 18 months, focusing on the progresses made under each Work Package and Living Lab. For each work package, a status presentation was presented, followed by a discussion regarding the next steps to follow henceforward.

During the first day of the meeting, each Living lab presented its overall status towards mentioning the activities that have taken place up to M18, discussing the main challenges, highlighting the status of alpha versions, and planning the demonstration of alpha versions and benchmarking tests. Part of the day was also devoted to the presentation of the Integration Framework and Impact Assessment as well as to the Innovation Management and Exploitation activities. At the end of the first day, COREALIS partners, were kindly offered a tour, around the port of Valencia.


The second day was mainly focused on the presentation of the innovations, categorised in three main pillars: Innovations for the Port of the Future Hinterland Connectivity, for Port of the Future Intra-Terminal Operations, and for Governance and Decision Making in the Port of the Future. After discussing the project innovations, partners were focused on the planning of the upcoming demonstration and project communication activities and stakeholder engagement. During the second day, partners had the chance to get familiarised with the updated version of the Port of the Future Serious Game, during an interactive workshop conducted by Deltares colleagues.

As part of the COREALIS liaising activities, a presentation of the successful INTERMODEL H2020 project was offered by VTT colleagues, towards mentioning the significant innovations in the design of intermodal hubs and the  development of an intermodal transport networks for improving the efficiency with integration (project video is available here). The work within INTERMODEL is in line with the EU transposrt agenda on supporting multimodality and increasing the share of rail cargo.
Special focus was also given to the COREALIS performed and planned activities as part of the Port of the Future Network (DocksTheFuture, Pixel, PortForward).

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